Compression Cuff Navy Crop - Up! Pants 66583


Up Pants Compression Cuff Trousers are a cropped take on their classic, tailored styles. Featuring their signature 360-degree slimming waistband which conceals lumps, bumps and smooths out the waist, hips and tummy, these trousers are also flattering all the way down the leg thanks to their stretchy, yet firm, fabric. They have a wide turn-up cuff which looks great with heels and a pleat down the front of each leg which gives it that slightly smarter edge making it a great choice for work. RRP £62.00

Style: Slim Leg
Fabric: Techno
Approximate Length: 25”
Pull-on, wide waistband
Proudly made in Canada

'Thincredible fit' stretches perfecty to comfortably conceal body imperfections
Elastic waistband has 'give' to give your middle the most flattering look
Buit-in front panel minimizes your tummy…you'll love the slimming effect!

"These are the most comfortable pants I have ever been in and I was so lucky to wear them all day. Not only are they stylish, you can dress them up, you can dress them down. They just tuck the things that you want to tuck and smooth the things you want smooth and you feel very fashionable in them. I feel great in them." Super Model Niki Taylor.


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